LID Implementation Advisory Committee


At the final meeting of the LID advisory process on August 12, 2010, Ecology presented a draft LID proposal outline. Committee members provided input that is recorded in the meeting summary for the August 12 meeting, below. They also submitted written comments on the draft proposal that Ecology will consider as it develops the requirements for permit reissuance.


The Implementation Advisory Committee worked with the Technical Advisory Committee to define the scope of low impact development techniques, criteria for determining the feasibility of LID techniques, a LID performance standard, and a deadline for implementation. The materials on this page provide a record of the committee’s work.

Special Joint Technical and Implementation Advisory Committee Meeting On Ecology’s May 16 Preliminary Draft LID Language


May 26, 2011
9:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Federal Way City Council Chambers (Map)


Meeting Materials

Please bring your lunch.
Ecology will give an overview of the preliminary draft LID language for the 2012 permits and request input from committee members and the public.


Meeting Summaries and Information 


August 12, 2010
Joint meeting with Technical Advisory Committee

May 12, 2010
Joint meeting with Technical Advisory Committee


April 15, 2010


February 8, 2010


January 5, 2010


November 19, 2009


October 13, 2009
Kick-off Meeting: Technical and Implementation Advisory Committee Joint Meeting


Technical Advisory Committee page

Public Input

Meetings were open to the public. Meeting agendas had specific times set aside for public input.

To receive updates, you may sign up for Ecology’s LID Standards Listserv.