Maps of Phase I and Phase II Stormwater Permit Coverage

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Phase II Areas

These maps show the urbanized areas covered under the Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permits.

Bellingham Urban Area and UGAs

Bremerton Urban Area and UGAs

Clarkston Urban Area and UGAs

Longview/Kelso Urban Area and UGAs

Marysville Urban Area and UGAs

Mount Vernon Urban Area and UGAs

Olympia/Lacey Urban Area and UGAs

Seattle Urban Area and UGAs

Seattle Urban Area and UGAs - Everett Vicinity

Seattle Urban Area and UGAs - Tacoma Vicinity

Spokane Urban Area and UGAs

Tri-Cities Urban Area and UGAs

Vancouver Urban Area and UGAs

Wenatchee Urban Area and UGAs

Yakima Urban Area and UGAs

Ecology also included the following cities (within their incorporated boundaries) in the Phase II municipal stormwater permits. These cities have populations greater than 10,000:

Phase I Areas

The following maps illustrate the areas covered by Phase I (green hatching). Phase II areas in those counties are shown in yellow.

Federal Census Defined Urban Areas

Ecology also provides maps that illustrate the federally-designated census urbanized areas (in red-hatching) and city boundaries (in yellow). Ecology used these maps in the process to identify Phase II jurisdictions. At a minimum, the Phase II permits must cover the census-defined urbanized areas (red-hatching). The federal Government will update these maps after the 2010 census.

Bellingham Urban Area

Bremerton Urban Area

Clarkston Urban Area

Longview/Kelso Urban Area

Marysville Urban Area

Mount Vernon Urban Area

Olympia/Lacey Urban Area

Seattle Urban Area

Seattle Urban Area - Everett Vicinity

Seattle Urban Area - Tacoma Vicinity

Spokane Urban Area

Tri-Cities Urban Area

Vancouver Urban Area

Wenatchee Urban Area

Yakima Urban Area

Who's Covered Under the Municipal Stormwater Permits?

EPA - Urbanized Area Maps

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Last updated August 2009