Permit and Manual Modification - 2014

The modified permits have been ISSUED.

Phase I permit, including 2014 modifications and redlines.

Phase II Western Washington permit, including 2014 modifications and redlines.

Errata for the Western Washington permits (February 2015).

Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington, including 2014 modifications and redlines.

Appeal of the modification by the City of Woodinville.

Permit issuance and appeal

On August 1, 2012, Ecology re-issued the Phase I and Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permits with an effective date of August 1, 2013. The permits were appealed for a variety of reasons.

By March 2014 several of the issues that had been appealed were settled. Additionally, the Pollution Control Hearings Board (PCHB) issued a ruling on the remaining issues. These rulings, along with previously published Phase I errata and WWA Phase II errata, provide the majority of the proposed modifications to the permits.

In the ruling the PCHB also directed Ecology to modify the SWMMWW. Errata and additional corrections have also been incorporated.

Issuing the final modified permits

Ecology issued the final modifications after considering all public comments and making final changes to the draft Permits and Manual modifications. Ecology published a Response to Comments as Appendix C to the Fact Sheet (Nov. 4, 2011) document, with the final modifications addressing comments submitted during the public comment period.

Public Comments

List of Comments

All links are to PDFs.

At the October 1, 2014 public hearing in Edmonds several municipal permittees provided oral public comments (.mp3 files).

Some comments included reference material, which is provided below:

Comment Period

The public comment period has ended. Ecology accepted written and oral comments on the permits, statement of basis, and supporting documents between August 6, 2014 and 12 midnight October 6, 2014.

See the schedule on the right for past workshop and public hearing dates and locations.

Public hearings and workshops

The public hearings and workshops on the permit modifications were held in Edmonds and Vancouver, Washington (see the schedule to the right). A workshop and webinar (no public hearing) was held in Lacey, Washington. At each workshop Ecology explained the permit and manual modifications and answered questions. A hearing immediately followed the Edmonds and Vancouver workshops. The hearings provided the opportunity for people to give formal oral testimony and comments on the proposed modified permits.


You may direct questions about the workshops and hearings, and requests for printed copies of the draft permit modifications and statement of basis, to Abbey Stockwell, 360-407-7221 or You should direct questions about the public notice or, the draft permit modifications or statement of basis to the appropriate Ecology contact listed below:

  • Phase I permit
  • Nat Kale
  • Phase I Municipal Stormwater Specialist
  • Water Quality Program
  • Department of Ecology
  • PO Box 47600
  • Olympia, WA 98504-7600
  • Phone: 360-407-7656
  • Phase II permit
  • Abbey Stockwell
  • Phase II Municipal Stormwater Specialist
  • Water Quality Program
  • Department of Ecology
  • PO Box 47600
  • Olympia, WA 98504-7600
  • Phone: 360-407-7221
  • Stormwater manual
  • Amanda Heye
  • Stormwater Engineer
  • Water Quality Program
  • Department of Ecology
  • PO Box 47600
  • Olympia, WA 98504-7600
  • Phone: 360-407-6457

For more information:
Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permit
Phase II Western WA Municipal Stormwater Permit
Stormwater Management Manual of Western Washington

Last updated June 2015


February 2015 Appeal

The City of Woodinville appealed the modification.

February 2015 Errata

Errata have been issued for the two Western Washington permits.

December 2014 Final Modifications

See the Phase I and Phase II Western Washington permit pages for the final 2014 modifications.

August 2014 Draft Documents

Additional documents

Ecology does not propose updating the Definition Guidance from 8/14/2014. See the final permit language for revised definitions.

Supporting publications

These publications are referenced in the permits or manual. Although Ecology is not the author of the Integrating LID into Local Codes, LID Technical Guidance, or Rain Garden Handbook publications, comments on these documents as they pertain to the permits and manual will be addressed.


The permit modification is complete; these materials are provided as historical documentation.

Workshop Presentation
Workshop Handout



  • January 16 - Modifications effective