1995 Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permits

The three 1995 Phase I municipal stormwater NPDES permits were listed by water quality management area: the Cedar/Green WQMA covered Seattle and most of King County; the Island/Snohomish WQMA covered Snohomish County and a portion of King County; and the South Puget Sound WQMA covered Tacoma, Pierce County, and a portion of King County. The following links contain the 1995 Phase I permits and permit-related documents.

Cedar/Green WQMA

Island/Snohomish WQMA

South Puget Sound WQMA

Permit Modification
1999 amendments to three permits

Fact Sheet
Contains factual basis for three permits and permit coverage maps

Clarification of Permit Conditions
Provides clarification for permittees on permit conditions and review of stormwater management programs. Clark County has an individual municipal stormwater permit. The following links access the permit and fact sheet:

Clark County

Clark County Fact Sheet