Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping for Municipal Operations

Resources and guidance for local stormwater managers implementing permit requirements for operation and maintenance of municipal storm sewer systems.



Training Resources

Pollution Prevention & Operations and Maintenance Materials from Permittees

The following materials were prepared by Washington state municipal stormwater permittees to support their permit implementation. The permittees have made these materials available to others to modify for their own use. Ecology has not formally reviewed and approved these materials.

Urban Forestry Irrigation Operations

Traffic Management Sign Maintenance & Misc. Traffic Maintenance

Traffic Management Signal Electrician

Traffic Management Curb & Pavement Markings

Urban Forestry Operations Tree Crew Operation                

Urban Forestry Landscape Maintenance Operations

Street Maintenance Surface Repair Minor Road Maintenance  

Street Maintenance Surface Repair Emergency Response

Street Maintenance Surface Repair Concrete Repair

Street Maintenance Surface Repair Asphalt Repair

Street Maintenance Operations Street and Alley Flushing  

Street Maintenance Operations Off Hours Emergency

Street Maintenance Operations Mechanical Cleaning

Capital Projects & Roadway Structures

Ecology welcomes and encourages permittees to send us additional examples. Please work with your regional permit manager to add your SWMP program materials to this webpage.