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Water Quality Program

Evaluation of Emerging Stormwater Treatment Technologies

Technology Assessment Protocol - Ecology (TAPE)

For vendors, designers, and manufacturers who wish to have their stormwater treatment technologies certified by the Washington State TAPE program begin by reading the Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology Process Overview.

PLEASE NOTE: Ecology has revised the 2008 TAPE Technical Guidance Manual. Below is the current required TAPE Technical Guidance Manual. 

2011 TAPE Guidance Manual
(Publication #11-10-061)

as of January 1, 2013.*

*Ecology will no longer accept the 2008 version after December 31, 2012.

To apply:

  1. Download Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology Process Overview
    (Ecology Publication #11-10-010)
  2. Print and fill out the PDF version or fill out and print the Word version of the Application Form.
    (Ecology Form # ecy070391)
  3. Send the Application Form, the required technical information, and the application fee to Ecology at the address on the Application Form.

Both hard copy and digital files are required in the initial application.

Ecology will process applications in the order received.  We will return incomplete applications to the applicant with a description of what is missing.

Ecology is also accepting new applications to the Chemical Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology (C-TAPE) program.

The Guidance for Evaluating Emerging Stormwater Treatment Technologies at Construction Sites Chemical Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology (C-TAPE) (Ecology Publication #03-10-078) has not been revised.

For more information, please contact Douglas Howie at 360-407-6444


Washington Stormwater Center: Report to the Legislature (2011)

TAPE Application Form (PDF version)

Technology Assessment Protocol – Ecology Process Overview

Request for Chemical Treatment Form

Best Management Practices for Chemical Treatment and Sand Filtration