Stormwater Policy Advisory Committee

Background Information

The 1999 Legislature directed the Department of Ecology to form an advisory committee for the purpose of updating the stormwater management plan and stormwater technical manual and making stormwater management recommendations. Ecology implemented this task as follows:

The Advisory Committee

Invitations to participate on the stormwater policy advisory committee were issued in July 1999. The committee was crafted to provide broad-based representation of interested parties across the state. The roster includes representatives from the business community, environmental groups, state, local, federal, and tribal governments.

The Stormwater Technical Manual

Ecology began the process of updating the stormwater technical manual in November 1998 prior to the 1999 Legislature. That effort included establishing broad-based technical advisory committees to assist Ecology on various aspects of revising the manual. Rather than duplicate that effort, the stormwater advisory committee focused on non-technical policy issues related to the scope, content, and implementation of the stormwater technical manual. The advisory committee suggested that it would be better to have a stormwater technical manual for western Washington and another for eastern Washington. Ecology did agree to developing separate manuals. (Click here for additional information on the stormwater technical manual)

Stormwater Management Study

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) sponsored a study of stormwater management. This study was conducted in collaboration with Ecology and the Stormwater Policy Advisory Committee (SWPAC). The stormwater study focused on relationships between existing activities and opportunities for improvement. The study defined the framework of stormwater management in Washington State and recommended measures that need to be taken to more completely address stormwater management. A steering committee made up of members of the SWPAC worked closely with the consultant if drafting language for recommendations. The full committee (SWPAC) also reviewed and discussed the report, making final revisions.