Surface Water Quality Standards 2006 Rule Activity

Rule Activity Timeline

September 14, 2009 EPA’s clarification on the Short Term Modification provision (PDF)
May 14, 2008 EPA released its revised determination regarding the 2003 turbidity criteria revisions.
February 11, 2008 EPA approved the 2006 Water Quality Standards. The letter contained a detailed description of EPA's basis for approval.

EPA's approval included a consultation to meet Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA):

May, 2007 EPA submitted formal approval letter for the Department of Ecology’s Antidegradation policy.
April, 2007 U.S Fish and Wildlife and NOAA Fisheries joined EPA to review portions of the 2006 standards for compliance with the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Ecology received final biological evaluation letter from EPA.
December 21, 2006 Ecology adopted water quality standards as a result of the disapproval and revision of the 2003 review. Ecology made the suggested changes to the water quality standards made by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the changes were adopted. These standards are currently in use.
August, 2006 Ecology revised the EPA areas of concern within the standards.
March, 2006 The EPA formally disapproved parts of Washington State’s 2003 water quality standards. EPA determined that the standards did not go far enough to protect salmon and bull trout in certain streams and rivers.
January 12, 2005
February 14, 2005
Ecology received a third and fourth letter, respectively. These letters were a partial approval of the water quality standards submittal.
December 1, 2004 Ecology received a second letter from EPA. In this letter, EPA's legal and technical review team requested that Ecology furnish additional clarification on certain provisions in the Standards.
August 6, 2004 Ecology received a letter from EPA concerning the status of their Standards package review and how they intended to move forward.
July 2003 The Department of Ecology adopted revised water quality standards.

Easy-to-read version (Ecology publication)
Code Reviser Version (Washington State Legislature Page)
Waters Requiring Supplemental Spawning and Incubation Protection for Salmonid Species (Ecology publication)

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