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Human Health Criteria and Implementation Tools Rulemaking

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The following information is available to Washington State’s public to track how the Department of Ecology (Ecology) is moving forward with human health criteria development and implementation tools rule-making based on Governor Inslee’s direction:


Ecology is working on a proposed rule for the Water Quality Standards for Surface Waters of the State of Washington, Chapter 173-201A WAC to:

  1. Establish new human health criteria to protect designated uses.
  2. Provide predictable regulatory implementation tools to help entities comply with existing and new source control requirements or discharge limits.

Ecology's Water Quality Program has been in the process of developing human health criteria rulemaking materials and preparing draft rule language in preparation for the formal rulemaking, called the CR 102. Because this rule is of critical importance to the entire state, Governor Jay Inslee has provided direction to Ecology as it works to update the state's water quality standards. The Governor's approach is described in a Policy Brief issued July 2014. Ecology is committed to providing a preliminary draft rule no later than September 30, 2014.

Rulemaking Documents:

Date Filed Type of Activity

Rule pre-proposal - CR 101

  Preliminary Draft Rule (coming 9/30/2014)

Approved Surface Water Quality Standards

Archival Rule Documents

Water Quality Standards Coordinator

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WA Department of Ecology
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Phone: 360-407-6413
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Email: swqs@ecy.wa.gov

Last updated August 2014



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