Fish Consumption Rate (FCR) information

This page contains documents on fish consumption rates, sources of contaminants, fish surveys, and fish advisories concerning human health criteria.

Abbreviations and for more information:

PF: Policy Forum


Fish consumption rates PF 2, page 5:
PF 2, page 25:
PF 7:
Public Meeting 11/6/13, page 27:
Public Meeting 11/6/13, page 32:
Contaminants in Washington waters and fish PF 3, page 20:
Sources of contaminants in salmon PF 6, page 76:
FCR and Salmon PF 7:
Public Meeting 11/6/13, page 18:
Comparison of Fish Consumption Rates and Fish Advisories PF 4, page 50:
Health benefits of eating fish-DOH information PF 4, page 47:
Fish consumption survey design PF 7:
Fish Consumption Rate Technical Support Document- Ecology PF 7:
PF 7, page 22:
Comparison of fish consumption rates used by States PF 7, page 28:
PF 7:
HHC development and FCR: factors to consider PF 7, page 30:
Geographic variability in WA for fish consumption PF 7, page 37:





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Last updated October 2014