Challenging chemicals of concern — PCBs

This page contains documents of PCBs, sources, health effects, Spokane River Toxics Task Force, and chemical action plan concerning human health criteria.

Abbreviations and for more information:

PF: Policy Forum


PCBs-Poly chlorinated Biphenols PF 3, page 33:
Public Meeting 11/6/13, page 54:
Public Meeting 11/6/13, page 40:
Sources of PCBs in West Coast Salmon PF 6, page 85:
Public Meeting 11/6/13, page 14:
PCBs health effects-DOH information PF 4, page 39:
Spokane River toxics reduction process-PCBs and Regional Toxics Task Force PF 3, page 50:
PF 4, page 84:
PBT Chemical Action Plan (CAP) PF 4, page 17:
PF 4, page 72:






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Last updated October 2014