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This page contains documents of glossaries, summary information, and the history of toxics concerning human health criteria.

Abbreviations and for more information:

PF: Policy Forum


Glossary of common terms Public Meeting 11/6/13:
HHC-Helpful terminologies and analogies PF 3:
Summary background information on toxics in water Public Meeting 11/6/13, page 5:
Water Quality Standards – what they are; how they are developed PF 3, page 62:
Public Meeting 11/6/13, page 7:
History of WA Toxics Criteria Public Meeting 11/6/13, page 16:
Clean Water Act permit programs—NPDES and 401 PF 2, page 20:
Summary of Water Quality Policy Forums-Goals of each session PF 7, page 55:
Ecology Delegates’ Table Report-DRAFT PF 7:








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Last updated October 2014