Surface Water Quality Standards

Comments Received by the Department of Ecology during the Public Comment Period

The Department of Ecology received about 1400 comments during the public comment period on the proposed changes to the water quality standards. The public comment period ended on March 7, 2003. Eight workshops and hearings were held around the state in conjunction with the public comment period.

The comments the Department of Ecology received are available in the following table. Due to the large number of comments, the comments were broken up into categories. (Note unless otherwise specified, the documents below are available in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF file) format. To view and/or print PDF files, you first will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Note: These files are large. Comment categories marked with an asterisk (*) are zipped files. There may be slow download times for older computers/modem connections.

Testimony from the eight hearings held around the state testimony.pdf
Comments sent by email* (1.03 mb)
Comments sent by regular mail EPA and Stakeholders epa-stakeholder_comments.pdf (9 mb)
More Stakeholders more_stakeholder-comments.pdf (7.4 mb)
National Marine Fisheries Service nmfs_comments.pdf
Forest Industry Stakeholders*

The Department of Ecology utilized these comment letters to help determine how to improve the proposed rule. The final rule and associated documentation was filed July 1, 2003.


* Compressed (zipped) files


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Last updated June 2003