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Models/Tools for Temperature TMDLs

Hangman Creek Fecal Coliform TMDL

Hangman Creek TMDL - Watershed Analysis Risk Management Framework (WARMF) Model

Hangman Creek TMDL - May 2007 Phosphorus

Hangman Creek TMDL - June 2007 Phosphorus presentation

Hangman Creek TMDL - June 2007 Phosphorus presentation

Hangman Creek TMDL - November 2007 Technical Analysis Summary

"Hangman Creek Watershed TMDLs: Which Way do We Go?"

TMDL Developments: New TMDL Studies; Highlights of on-going TMDLs: Future Steps

Hangman Creek TMDL Updates: Spokane River TMDL; Dissolved oxygen/pH TMDL study; Changes and updates to TMDL report: Next steps

A Focused Assistance Program in Hangman Creek Watershed (Water Quality Story)

WRIA 56: Hangman Watershed Information (Water web site)

Spokane County Conservation District

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Spokane River TMDLs

Water Quality Improvement Projects also known as Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs): What should I know? What does it mean to me? (Ecology Publication)

New Program Provides Assistance in Hangman Creek Watershed (Ecology water quality story)

Reducing Phosphorus Pollution to Improve Water Quality (Water Quality web site)


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