How you can help clean up Liberty Bay

Boating, fishing and other recreation on Liberty Bay will be safer and healthier with clean water!

There are a number of simple, but very important ways for residents of Poulsbo and other citizens living near the bay to prevent bacteria pollution:

Water Pollution Hotline

If you see a spill or illegal dumping, call Kitsap 1, the local stormwater hotline.

Early action by Kitsap County Health District

KCHD began conducting marine shoreline surveys starting fall 2009. Also, KCHD is developing an innovative program to monitor and encourage the use of waste pump-outs at marinas.

Report spills and water pollution concerns during normal business hours
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Besides bacteria, Ecology measures temperature, conductivity and flow at each site. Conductivity is a measure of charged ions in the water and can indicate groundwater or marine influence.

After hours call 911 for emergency concerns or leave a message at Kitsap 1 for non-emergency concerns.
Kitsap 1: 360-337-5777

Spills of oil or hazardous materials must be reported.

You may also call Ecology Northwest Regional Office 24-hour Spills Reporting phone line at 425-649-7000.

How does Ecology determine the sources of the pollution?

Twice a month, Ecology monitors water quality at 23 creek and stormwater drainage sites around Liberty Bay. We also measure flow in order to estimate the bacteria load carried by creeks to the bay. Bacteria loading information helps us determine which streams or stormwater outfalls are the most important for cleaning up the bay.

The monitoring study follows a quality assurance project plan (QAPP), which spells out the objectives of the study, sampling locations, and analytical methods. As we review data for the 23 fixed sites, if we find creeks or stormwater drains or seeps with high concentrations of bacteria, we may conduct additional monitoring upstream, to better determine the source of the problem.



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Last updated July 2011