What can you do to help?

Pet owners need to take responsibility for their pet's waste and properly dispose of it in the trash.

Tourism and recreational shellfish harvesting are vitally important to the economic viability of North Beach communities. Maintaining healthy beaches and shellfish beds is everyone’s responsibility.

Pet waste should never be left on the beach! It directly contributes to rising bacteria problems in shellfish areas. All pet waste must be bagged and thrown in the trash.

When planning your trip to the North Beach area with your pets, be sure to come prepared with plenty of pet waste bags. After you bag your pet’s waste, be sure to throw it away in a garbage can. Be a good neighbor. If you notice someone not picking up after their pet, offer them one of your pet waste bags and encourage them to help protect the shellfish harvest and be a responsible pet owner. More information on what pet owners can do to protect Washington waters.

Clean up after yourself! Wasted food and clam gut balls left on the beach attract and concentrate birds and other wildlife. When you finish enjoying your picnic on the beach or after cleaning your clams, take the time to toss any waste in the trash.

Maintain your home’s septic system! If you are lucky enough to own a home adjacent to the beach, you have added responsibility when it comes to protecting it. Our best advice- regular maintenance. As the old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” reminds us, it can help you avoid costly repairs and penalties later. More information on what septic system owners can do to protect Washington waters.













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Last updated October 2016