Potential Funding Opportunities for Water Quality Improvement Projects

Multiple sources of financial assistance for water cleanup activities are available through Ecology’s grant and loan programs, local conservation districts, and other sources.

The following table lists some examples of possible funding sources that may be available to implement activities necessary to correct water quality problems.

Note: This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of potential funding sources.

Sponsoring Entity Funding Source Uses to be Made of Funds
Natural Resources Conservation Service Conservation Programs
These programs "....help people reduce soil erosion, enhance water supplies, improve water quality, increase wildlife habitat, and reduce damages caused by floods and other natural disasters."
Emergency Watershed Protection
NRCS purchases land vulnerable to flooding to ease flooding impacts.
Wetland Reserve Program
Now part of the Agricultural Conservation Easements Program
Landowners may receive incentives to enhance wetlands in exchange for retiring marginal agricultural land.
Office of Interagency Committee, Salmon Recovery Board Salmon Recovery Funding Board
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Provides grants for habitat restoration, land acquisition and habitat assessment.
Washington State Conservation Commission http://scc.wa.gov/grants/ Various environmental program grants.
Washington State Department of Ecology:

Water Quality Program (WQP)



Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program


Centennial Clean Water Fund, Section 319, and State Revolving Fund


Facilities and water pollution control-related activities; implementation, design, acquisition, construction, and improvement of water pollution control.
Priorities include: implementing water cleanup plans; keeping pollution out of streams and aquifers; modernizing aging wastewater treatment facilities; reclaiming and reusing waste water.

Coastal Zone Protection Fund

Watershed Planning

Some funding is available through a program that taps into penalty monies collected by the WQP.

Development of watershed plans to manage water resources and protect existing water rights.

Washington State Public Works Board Public Works Trust Fund
Administered by the Public Works board, this funding provides financial assistance to local government and private water systems. It supports public works projects and encourages independence at the local level.
U.S. Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency (FSA):

Conservation Reservation Program (CRP)

Rural Development:

Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants


CRP helps agricultural producers protect environmentally-sensitive land.

Loans to low-income rural residents to repair, improve, or modernize a home or remove health and safety hazards (e.g. failing on-site septic systems).

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Watershed Funding:
Provides tools, databases, and information on funding sources that can be used to protect watersheds.


Last updated February 2017