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Water Quality Improvement Projects (TMDLs)

Pacific County projects

The following table lists overview information for water quality improvement projects (including total maximum daily loads, or TMDLs) for this county. Please use links (where available) for more information on a project.

To get additional information about the water bodies in Pacific County please use the Water Quality Assessment Query Tool.


WRIAs in Pacific County

Waterbody Name Pollutant(s)

(EPA approved by EPA
Under Development

TMDL Leads/ Contacts
Willapa River, Lower


Brett Raunig

Fork Creek
Willapa River
Willapa River
Half Moon Creek
Mill Creek
Fern Creek
Wilson Creek

Temperature EPA approved

Has an implementation plan

Johnson Slough
Below South Bend
Near Raymond Port
At 101 Bridge
Near Ellis Slough
At Willapa Rd.
South Fork

Dissolved Oxygen EPA approved

Has an implementation plan

Willapa River
Unnamed Creek (Central St. drain @ Coast Seafoods)
Riverdale Creek
Wilson Creek
Falls Creek
Fern Creek

Fecal Coliform EPA approved

Has an implementation plan

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Last updated October 2016