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Water Quality Improvement Projects (TMDLs)

Water resource inventory area (WRIA) 54 map, Washington State.

WRIA 54: Lower Spokane

The following table lists overview information for water quality improvement projects for this water resource inventory area (WRIA). Please use links (where available) for more information on a project.


Waterbody Name Pollutant(s) Status** TMDL Lead
Spokane River Dissolved Oxygen
  • Total Phosphorus


  • Long Lake (Lake Spokane)
EPA approved David Knight
Dissolved Metals EPA approved

** Status will be listed as one of the following: Approved by EPA, Under Development or Implementation

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* The Department of Ecology and other state resource agencies frequently use a system of 62 "Water Resource Inventory Areas" or "WRIAs" to refer to the state's major watershed basins.

Last updated July 2013