Unnamed middle tributary of Deadman Creek.  Photo courtesy of Spokane County Conservation District.

Water Quality Issues


The Little Spokane River, Dragoon Creek and Deadman Creek do not meet Washington State’s water quality standards for several reasons (see table below for specific impairments). Water quality standards are designed to protect the beneficial uses of our streams and lakes. Beneficial uses include irrigation, fishing, habitat, recreation (swimming, wading, and boating) and other uses. When a water body does not meet state standards, it is placed on the federal Clean Water Act’s Section 303(d) list of impaired water bodies.

The Little Spokane River, Dragoon Creek and Deadman Creek are currently on the 2008 303(d) list because they do not meet water quality standards. The TMDL will address these concerns. The 2004 water quality assessment added turbidity and dissolved oxygen to the Little Spokane, fecal coliform to Deadman Creek, and ammonia-n and dissolved oxygen to Unnamed Creek.

Little Spokane River Dragoon Creek Deadman Creek Unnamed Creek
Temperature, fecal coliform, pH, & PCBs*

Turbidity and Dissolved oxygen**

Dissolved oxygen and fecal coliform bacteria Temperature and pH

Fecal Coliform**

Dissolved oxygen**

*The PCB listing is being addressed through the Spokane River PCB TMDL.
**These listings are included in the 2004 water quality assessment.

These impairments are explained in The Environmental Importance of Difference Impairments section:



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Last updated October 2010