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Spokane dissolved oxygen TMDL

Updates on the Dispute Resolution Process


  The Ecology Director announced his decision on the dispute resolution process on May 5, 2010.

On February 26, 2010 the Department of Ecology received three letters from Spokane River Dissolved Oxygen TMDL stakeholders requesting Ecology to initiate a dispute resolution process.

Ecology’s Water Quality Program has a policy (1-25) that establishes the requirements and process for dispute resolution related to TMDLs:


FAQ: TMDL Dispute Resolution Process (Ecology publication)

Dispute Resolution Process Outcomes

Ecology Director, Ted Sturdevant, reviewed and considered the recommendation from the dispute resolution panel. He decided to move forward with the TMDL approval as it is currently. Ted recognizes the need for clarity on some issues and wants to move into development of the detailed TMDL implementation plan. Many of the disputes will be addressed (including the equitability of wasteload allocations and a pollutant trading/offset framework) in the creation of this plan.


Dispute Presentations - April 5, 2010


Link to video hosted by TV Washington
(no longer available)
Link to presentation materials
Session 1 Video
Session 2 Video
Session 3 Video Ecology Response to Disputing Parties


Please direct any questions or comments to:

TMDL Dispute Resolution Coordinator
Water Quality Program
Washington State Department of Ecology
Phone: 360-407-6600

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