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Spokane dissolved oxygen TMDL

Implementation Schedule and Actions

Water Quality Monitoring on Lake Spokane at Suncrest

Beginning July 2014, Ecology is teaming up with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) to see if nutrients from on-site septic systems in the Suncrest area migrate through ground water into Lake Spokane. Our focus sheet, Focus on Lake Spokane at Suncrest: Water Quality Monitoring, provides more information on the study.

NPDES Permit Schedule

Following issuance of the Washington municipal and industrial wastewater NPDES permits in 2011, Washington dischargers are on a ten-year compliance schedule during which they have certain milestones. For example, by the year 2017 most dischargers will need to have advanced wastewater treatment installed. By 2021, when the permits will be re-issued, they will need to be in compliance with the nutrient effluent limits established by the TMDL. At this time Ecology, working with the stakeholders, will develop a ten-year assessment report. This schedule shows the key timeframes for the Washington permittees.

Nonpoint Source Tracking

Ecology is currently working with stakeholders and other groups to develop a nonpoint source tracking database. When developed, the tool can be found here. See the Related Links page for more information on nonpoint source reduction activities in the Spokane River watershed.

Avista Water Quality Attainment Plan

As shown on the previously-mentioned schedule, Avista is on roughly the same timeframe for meeting its dissolved oxygen responsibility under the TMDL. The plan can be found here.

Advisory Committee Meetings

Spokane River advisory committee meetings are held approximately once per month and rotated between permit and nonpoint workgroups and full group meetings. The Spokane River Forum site (http://www.spokaneriver.net/) will provide meeting notices, minutes and other updates (future meetings, etc) as they become available. Advisory committee members can be found here.

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Last updated June 2014