Submitting Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Results to Ecology

Ecology prefers that permittees submit WET tests through the WQWebPortal (some permits require it). This page will tell you how.

Why submit results online?

How do I submit results online?

Ecology uses SecureAccess Washington (SAW) to maintain security of your data.

Follow these printable instructions (PDF) for creating a SAW account, creating a signature account, and delegating roles.

Once you have created an approved WQWebPortal and Signature account (or if you already have them), start at Step 1 below.

  1. Go to WQWebPortal

Under the My Services tab

  • Click the Water Quality Permitting Portal (WQWebPortal).
  • Click the Permit Submittals link under "Submit data for:" on the right side.
  • Select the "My Permits" tab (second from the left).
  • Find your permit in the table, and click on "Submittals" under the "Action" column on the right.

  1. Upload the test results.

  • Find the WET submittal. If it is not in the table that appears automatically, click on the Search button (without entering in any search parameters).
  • Click Edit under the "Action" column on the right.
  • Fill in any comments, then and attach both the lab report and the exported database from CETIS using the Attach Additional Files for Submission box.
  • Once complete, check Mark as Ready to Submit at the bottom of the page, then click Save and Done.

  1. Sign your submittal

  • On the Submittals page for your permit, check the box under the column Submit for your WET results, then click Sign Selected Submittals in the lower right corner.
  • Review your submittal, then click Continue in the lower right.
  • Log into your signature account using your password and security question/answer. Click Ready to Sign, read the attestation, check the two boxes, then click Sign in the lower left.

Note that Step 3 can be completed by a different account than Steps 1 and 2. For example, a lab could be set up as a Preparer WQWebPortal, and a permittee as a Coordinator. In that case, the lab could upload the WET result to the WQWEbPortal (steps 1 and 2), and the permittee could review, sign, and submit it to Ecology (step 3). See the printable instructions (PDF) for an explanation of how to set up roles.

At this point you have successfully submitted your WET results to Ecology. An Ecology staff person will contact you if there are issues or concerns.


For questions regarding your SAW account, or technical issues regarding the electronic process, contact the WQWebPortal staff.

For questions regarding your permit, contact your permit manager or a regional permit coordinator.

For questions regarding the WET testing program, contact the WET Testing Program Coordinator:

Randall Marshall
Department of Ecology
Water Quality Program
Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600


Last updated February 2016