Contact information - Water Quality Guide for Homeowners and Small Farms

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For information about:

Alternative products, safe disposal of toxics, or pesticide application: Hazardous Substances Information Hotline, 1-800-633-7585

Farm Management Plans, animal waste management, pasture management or erosion control: Look in your phone book under the county government listings for the Cooperative Extension Service, Conservation District, or National Resource Conservation Service -- or ask your local government for the number.

Logging permits: Washington State Department of Natural Resources, (800) 527-3305

Hydraulic Project Approval, habitat management: Department of Fish and Wildlife, (360) 902-2534

Septic system design and maintenance: Call your county environmental health department or the state Department of Health at (360) 753-3764.

Recycling: Department of Ecology in Lacey, 1-800-RECYCLE.

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