Hazardous Materials

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Look around your house and notice what you might have stored. Paint, solvents or rat poison in the basement? Cleansers such as ammonia, bleach and spot removers in the kitchen, bath or laundry? Oils, gasoline, anti-freeze or an old battery in the garage? Slug bait, no-pest strips or weed killer in the shed? These toxic materials are not only in your own home, but also in your neighbors' and in homes up and down the road. Together, they present a serious public health and safety concern. It is everyone's responsibility to handle and dispose of hazardous materials in a safe manner.



Recycle! Call 1-800-RECYCLE for your local center or for advice about what can be recycled.

For information and help: If you have any questions about the proper use or disposal of a hazardous product, call the Hazardous Substance Information Hotline, 1-800-633-7585 or your County Health Department.

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