Pesticides and Herbicides

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Chemical pesticides and herbicides are poisons. Most of them will harm or kill more than the nuisance plant or animal being targeted -- pesticides often eliminate natural predators. They can damage our health as well.

Safe Use Practices

Always consider alternatives. A well thought out pest management program can be more effective and less expensive. Your county extension service can advise you about these means of control.
Always read the label and follow instructions. Never apply more than the recommended amount.
Always keep herbicides and pesticides away from water and wellheads.

Be especially careful when spraying in spring or early summer. Many beneficial insects, birds and animals are more sensitive to toxics during their juvenile stages.

For information and help: Call your county health department or cooperative extension office.

Safe Disposal Practices

Never dump chemicals into sewers, drains, toilets, storm sewers, or any other connections to water systems.

For information and help: The Recycle Hotline, 1-800-RECYCLE, provides information on waste disposal. Or ask your county cooperative extension agent.

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