Stories for WRIA 28*



Water Quality stories support the Water Quality Program's five Program activities. Some stories may fall under more than one category, and are listed accordingly.


Aquatic Invasive Plants: Removing Brazilian Elodea from Battle Ground Lake
Joint project with Department of Ecology and Battle Ground State Park to work on eradicating Brazilian Elodea from a freshwater lake.
(Clean-up water pollution; Provide excellent technical and financial assistance)

Cleaning up Salmon Creek: Stakeholder Commitment Makes a Difference
In 2001, a temperature and turbidity TMDL was approved for the Salmon Creek watershed in Clark County. Dedicated stakeholders have completed a number of implementation activities since 2001. A recent Ecology report analyzing 20 years of water quality data collected in the watershed indicates that the implementation activities have resulted in significant improvements in water quality.
(Clean-up water pollution)

Vancouver Helps Protect Vancouver′s Water (see also Provide excellent technical and financial assistance; Control Stormwater Pollution; Provide excellent technical and financial assistance; and Clean-up water pollution)
The city of Vancouver created a consensus team, made up of representatives of environmental, business, industry, and regulatory groups. They patiently worked through their differences to develop an ordinance and other resources to protect the city′s surface, storm, and ground waters.
(Clean-up water pollution; Prevent and reduce point and stormwater pollution; Provide excellent technical and financial assistance; Prevent and reduce nonpoint pollution)



* The Department of Ecology and other state resource agencies frequently use a system of "Watershed Resource Inventory Areas" or "WRIAs" to refer to the state's major watershed basins.

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