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Water Quality stories support the Water Quality Program's activities. Some stories may fall under more than one category, and are listed accordingly.

Enforcement Promotes Understanding
Some homeowners complained to Ecology that the city of Goldendale (City) had dug out a wetland on their property, leaving behind a pond that smelled of sewage. While the case seemed simple at first, the outcome went farther than “just” environmental protection. Ecology’s Central Regional Office’s subsequent enforcement and communication with the City helped bridge years of discontent between the City and Ecology.
(Prevent and reduce point and stormwater pollution; Prevent and reduce nonpoint pollution)

Kittitas County Fairgrounds – Pollution Abated
At the Kittitas County Fairgrounds, animal wash stations were draining directly into nearby Wilson Creek. But thanks to good work by staff from the city of Ellensburg’s stormwater utility and the Kittitas County Fairgrounds, the problem has been solved.
(Clean-up water pollution; Prevent and reduce nonpoint pollution)

Protecting Watersheds in the Teanaway River Basin
Teanaway residents and several groups collaborated to protect the unique Teanaway River valley and restore the river water to cooler, more fish-friendly temperatures.
(Clean-up water pollution)

The New Klickitat Wastewater Treatment Plant
An account of a multifaceted approach of innovation and cooperation resulting in the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant to replace an ailing treatment plant.
Prevent and reduce point and stormwater pollution; Provide excellent technical and financial assistance)

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Last updated December 2013