Potholes Supplemental Feed Route

The Project

The project will provide a more reliable source of water to the southern portion of the Columbia Basin Project by delivering additional water to Potholes Reservoir. The water will be routed through two water ways: Crab Creek and the Frenchman Hills wasteway. Phase 1 (improving the Frenchman Hills Wasteway) was completed in 2009. OCR and Reclamation are now working on making improvements to Pinto Dam and mitigating higher water level issues on Crab Creek.


The Columbia Basin Project (CBP) was designed to feed Potholes Reservoir with return flows from irrigation in the northern part of the Basin. The second phase of the CBP was never completed and; therefore, the associated return flows are not available for use. Conservation improvements have also lessened the amount of return flow that is available from the first phase of the CBP. Feeding water into Potholes Reservoir provides more reliability to the southern Basin's water supply.

Expected Outcomes

An additional 150,000 acre-feet of conveyance capacity will be added to the system, increasing the reliability for the southern Columbia Basin's water supply.

More Information

The Potholes Supplemental Feed Route

 Columbia Basin

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

$15,147,748 Million

Economic Benefits*
$21.07 Million Annually
137 Jobs Added

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