Boise Aquifer Storage Project

The Project

  • Funding provided to build an pilot aquifer storage system in Walla Walla County. Water used for cooling a paper plant will be pumped into the aquifer and stored for use in the summer. The system will also provide a water savings of 1,657 ac-ft.


  • More water will be left in the river, providing opportunities for both instream and out-of-stream use.

Expected Outcomes

  • Over 16,600 ac-ft of water will be available for streamflows and new water rights.
  • Less water be withdrawn from the River in the summer, when streamflows are most critical.

More Information


 Wallula, WA

Boise White Paper LLC

$6 Million

Economic Benefits*
$8.7 Million Annually
57 jobs added

Environmental Benefits**
Less water, 1,657 ac-ft, diverted from the Columbia River during critical summer months.

*During project pilot
**After project is completed.

How we calculate economic benefits.