Conservation Commission Conservation Projects

The Project

The Conservation Commission will work with water users to develop conservation projects.


The Conservation Commission has a long history of working closely with local water users. They will work with the people they serve to develop new conservation projects.

By their nature, conservation projects provide water for instream flows rather than out-of-stream uses--Typically, the water saved is non-consumptive, meaning that it is water that is not absorbed by plants or subject to evaporation. Without conservation, non-consumptive water would eventually return to an aquifer or surface water body over a period of time. Conservation keeps the excess non-consumptive water in the river, where fish need it.

OCR matches conservation projects with projects that provide out-of-stream uses to ensure that Columbia River streamflows are not decreased by the new out-of-stream use.

Expected Outcomes

OCR and the Conservation Commission are working to establish funding guidelines for this program that can help provide both instream and out-of-stream benefits

More Information

Washington State Conservation Commission

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