Chelan PUD Pump Storage Studies

The Project

OCR is partnering with Chelan PUD to investigate potential pump storage projects. When hydropower demand is low, the PUD would pump water from behind one of its dams to an off-channel storage facility. The water would later be released to generate electricity when demand is high. OCR would manage a portion of the water for instream and out-of-stream uses.


Currently, when demand for hydropower is low (at night or when an abundance of wind is generating electricity at wind farms), dam operators must release water without receiving a beneficial return (hydropower, out-of-stream uses like irrigation, or a planned instream flow enhancement when it is needed most). A pump storage facility would add storage for additional hydropower and out-of-stream and instream uses.

Expected Outcomes

Chelan PUD completed the Reconnaissance Level Study in March 2011.  Ecology and Chelan PUD are collaborating on next steps that will determine if a pump storage facility is viable (economically, geologically, environmentally, etc.)

More Info

Multiple Benefit Water Storage Study Summary Report

 Chelan County

Chelan Public Utility District


Economic Benefits
Additional water for out-of-stream uses and hydropower generation.

Environmental Benefits
Instream releases to increase flows when fish need it most.