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Office of Columbia River

Permitting Water from the Lake Roosevelt Storage Releases

OCR has begun issuing water rights from the Columbia River for municipal, domestic, and industrial uses. The Lake Roosevelt Incremental Storage Releases Project is the source of the water. See the list of granted water water rights at the bottom of this page.

Program Details

Buckets showing permitted and available waterApplication processing is based on the application priority date, qualifying purposes of use, and reasonable quantities necessary to complete the project.  Permittees are required to reimburse Ecology for the cost of developing the mitigation for their permit.  For this project, mitigation was secured through a water service contract with the Bureau of Reclamation for releases of water from Lake Roosevelt at $35 per acre-foot per year.  Permittees must sign a water service contract with Ecology of not more than $35 per acre-foot per year.  Ecology may consider whether a lower recovery rate is appropriate based on hardship criteria.  Local governments serving 25,000 or less people, and having a water bill of greater than 2% of the median household income may qualify. All permits will also be provisioned to require the water user to install a fish screen at all diversions, meter and report water use, and may include other provisions as necessary.

Water Rights Issued (as of 10/01/15)


Water Right

Water Service

Priority Date



G3-30247(A) G3-30247 WSC 9/9/1998 Beverly Water District 25
S4-31623 S4-31623 WSC 2/3/1993 Brian Slade 10
G4-31247 G4-31247 WSC 5/6/1992 Chelan County PUD 4
G4-31832(A) G4-31832(A) WSC 8/23/1993 City of Pateros 40
G4-31516   10/23/1992 Columbia River Investors *
G4-34532 S4-34532 WSC 10/8/2001 ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston Inc 1,380
S4-32543 S4-32543 WSC 1/30/1997 ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston Inc 450
G4-33095 G4-33095 WSC. 2/11/2014 Dirt Hugger 12
G3-30259 G3-30259 WSC 12/21/1998 FDR Estates 22
G4-32225 G4-32225 WSC 10/13/1994 GBI Holding Co 14
G4-31813 G4-31813 WSC 7/30/1993 GBI Holding Co. 232.5
G4-31813 G4-31813 WSC 7/30/1993 GBI Holding Co. 9.8
G4-35323   5/21/2010 GBI Holding Co 161
G4-33054 G4-33054 WSC 3/12/2012 Gebbers Farms Inc 84
G4-31780 G4-31780 WSC 6/6/1993 Grant County PUD 11.06
S3-30695 S3-30695 WSC 8/22/2013 Gary Cotter 10
S3-30711 S3-30711 WSC 7/11/2014 John Martin 6.2
G3-29924   2/7/1996 Kunz, Marilyn 8
G3-30257 G3-30257 WSC 2/1/1999 Lonnie Blasdell 5.7
G3-30404 G3-30404 WSC 5/24/2003 Michael Todd 14
G3-30480 G3-30480 WSC 8/31/ 2005 Hanson Harbor HOA 19.5
G4-32945 G4-32945 WSC


Maryhill Museum of Art

G3-29848   6/14/1995 MCA Concerts *
S4-30052 S4-30052P WSC


Mercer Canyons Inc

S4-32804 S4-32804P WSC


Mercer Canyons Inc

S4-31148 S4-31148P WSC


Mercer Canyons Inc

S3-30648 S3-30648 WSC 9/15/2011 National Park Service 11.5
S3-30647 S3-30647 WSC 9/15/2011 National Park Service 8.3
G3-30727 G3-30727 WSC 11/4/2014 Northern Fruit Associates 6
G3-30554 G3-30554 WSC 4/8/2008 Riverview at Crescent Bar LLC 315
S3-30504 S3-30504 WSC 1/6/2006 Robert Anderson 9.5
G2-29914   5/5/2000 Skamania County 28
G2-29915   6/1/2000 Skamania County 15
G3-29776 G3-29776 WSC 1/5/1995 Smith, Eddie 22.5
G3-29447 G3-29447 WSC 4/5/1993 Spangelo, Gary 7
G3-29350 G3-29350 WSC 1/12/1993 Sunland Estates 75
G3-29890p G3-29890 WSC 9/28/1995 Tarbert, Todd 40
S4-33102 S4-33102 WSC 11/6/2013 US Department of Energy 80
G3-30123 G3-30123 WSC 11/25/1997 Whispering Pines, LLC 12
G3-31870(A)   11/18/1993 West, Stephen 500
G3-306683 G3-306683 WSC 2/19/2013 Yeates, Marcella 35
      Total 5,056
*Preliminary permit allowing for drilling and testing of wells only.


Permittee Water Service Contract

Reclamation Water Service Contract

Application for Water Right - Use signature page 5 to provide additional signatures on applications.

Final Supplemental Environmental Statement for the Lake Roosevelt Incremental Storage Releases Program

Assignment of Application or Permit to Appropriate or Store Water