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4/30/14 - OCR Issues First Permit from Sullivan Lake Water --  A long-awaited water right was delivered to Bridgeport in a ceremony today including Department of Ecology Director Maia Bellon and city Mayor Marilynn Lynn, past Mayor Steve Jenkins, and Sen. Linda Parlette, R-Wenatchee.

“It’s so nice to be here to deliver on a promise that secures Bridgeport’s future for many years to come,” Director Bellon said. Bellon noted the region has struggled to access new water on a river that must balance the needs of hydropower, irrigation and protecting endangered salmon.

In 2011, then Mayor Jenkins negotiated a settlement that provides a reliable supply of drinking water for at least the next 20 years. The additional water will be made available based on water developed from Sullivan Lake through Ecology’s Columbia River Water Management Program. The new water right allows a total of 1,100 acre-feet of water per year to be drawn from the city’s existing wells. Releases from Sullivan Lake to the Columbia River will offset the new well withdrawals.

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The Office of Columbia River (OCR) aggressively pursues development of water supplies to benefit both instream and out-of-stream uses. OCR does so by funding and coordinating storage, conservation, and transmission projects.

OverviewPROGRAM OVERVIEW: Learn more about why the Columbia River Program was established and what the Office Of Columbia River is working to achieve.

Priorities PROGRAM PRIORITIES: The Legislature set four major priorities for the program.

Projects and Funding WATER SUPPLY PROJECTS AND FUNDING: OCR is developing dozens of projects across Eastern Washington.

OverviewOCR OPERATIONS: OCR's operations staff conduct tasks ranging from technical assistance and enforcement to metering supervision, public involvement, and voluntary regional agreements.

Lake Roosevelt Incremental Storage ReleasesLEGISLATIVE REPORTS: Annual supply, quinquennial (every five years) demand forecast, Voluntary Regional Agreement, and other reports to the legislature.


Lake Roosevelt Incremental Storage ReleasesWEB TOOLS: Web tools to help you drill down into Columbia River water resource data.

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