Economic Analysis and Economic Review (2004)

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Economic Analyses

In accordance with statutory requirements for rule adoption, Ecology has produced a Small Business Economic Impact Statement (SBEIS) and a preliminary Cost/Benefit Analysis (CBA) as part of the rule-making process.

Data from the University of Washington Economic Analysis and scientific information in the National Academy of Sciences report helped guide the crafting of the documents.

The SBEIS will compare the costs for small and large businesses.

The CBA quantifies and qualifies if the probable benefits of the rule are greater than the probable costs. The CBA will include societal benefits and costs as well as costs identified in the SBEIS.

Economic Review

The University of Washington conducted an economic review of the value of water for various Columbia River mainstem uses.

The economics report analyzed what impacts new water withdrawals from the Columbia River might have on the states economy in relation to agricultural production, municipal and industrial water supplies, hydropower generation, flood control, river navigation, commercial and recreational fishing. The report also looks at issues related to water markets and water exchange transactions.

Information from the economic study, along with the National Academy Science Report and other information developed by the CRI, was used to will help the agency craft a new water management program for the Columbia River mainstem.

Study team members included Dr. Daniel Huppert, University of Washington; Dr. Gareth Green, Seattle University; and Dr. William Byers, University of Washington.