Goose Lake and Nine Mile Flat Storage

The Project

OCR is funding a pre-appraisal study to assess possible surface storage sites at Goose Lake and Nine Mile Flat in Okanogan County.


Potentially, 4.75 million acre-feet of water could be stored at the sites. Two-thirds of the water would be allocated for out-of-stream uses. The rest would remain in-stream to enhance streamflows.

Expected Outcomes

This is a pre-appraisal study. If the study finds the sites to be viable, a more comprehensive appraisal study and environmental review will be conducted. If the sites survive review and funding is found to build them, the sites are projected to deliver:

  • 3.1 million ac-ft of water for out-of-stream uses.
  • 1.6 million ac-ft of water will for instreamflows.
 Okanogan County

Colville Confederated Tribes

$14 Million

Economic Benefits*
$1.17 Million Annually
8 Jobs

Environmental Benefits
1.6 million ac-ft of water added to streamflows if project is constructed.

*As a result of pre-appraisal funding.

How we calculate economic benefits.