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Lower Wenatchee Instream Flow Enhancement Project

The Project

The proposed project consists of piping 6 miles of existing Pioneer Water Users Association open canal and installing a new efficient pumpback water withdrawal system. Additionally, the point of diversion will be moved from the lower Wenatchee River to its confluence with the Columbia River


This conservation project provides OCR with an opportunity to increase stream flows in the Wenatchee River in late summer, a critical time for salmon and steelhead.

Expected Outcomes

Moving the diversion downstream and bringing greater efficiency to the water delivery system will increase flows by ten percent (35 cubic feet per second) in August and September.

Reports and Other Documents

construction of a new diversion point
Constructing a new diversion

Chelan County

Trout Unlimited

$1.5 Million

Environmental Benefits
35 cfs increase in streamflows

Economic Benefits (Construction)
13 jobs and $1.9M added to the economy

How we calculate economic benefits.