Columbia River Metering Program

Washington state law requires measuring devices on both surface water diversions and groundwater withdrawals. The Department of Ecology (Ecology) must require measuring as a condition for all new surface water right permits and for existing water rights that meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Surface water diversions greater than one cubic feet of water per second, or

  • Diversions and withdrawals from surface and ground water sources that support fish stocks classified as critical or depressed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

In addition, the Columbia River Bill directs Ecology to collect and publish metering data from anyone who diverts or withdraws water from the Columbia River corridor. The Columbia River corridor consists of the Columbia River from Bonneville Dam to the Canadian border, the Snake River up to Lower Monumental Dam, and anything within a mile of the each bank of these river stretches.

The goal is to measure at least 90% of all the water use within the Columbia River corridor. Metering progress


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Water Use Measurement Form 1

Water Use Measurement Form 2


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