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Office of Columbia River

Office of Columbia River (OCR) Operations

Operations staff support OCR's water supply development mission by performing a number of tasks, including:

  • Water Use Compliance - The Columbia River Watermaster investigates potential water use violations. When a violation is found, the watermaster provides technical assistance to help the water user achieve compliance. If the water user fails to comply, the water master will pursue enforcement.
  • Metering Oversight - OCR is working with water users to install meters along the Columbia River mainstem. The data is used to calculate the Columbia River's water budget.
  • Public Outreach
  • Trust Water Management - Water users may put water into trust on a temporary or permanent basis to avoid relinquishment and provide water for fish.
  • Voluntary Regional Agreement (VRA) - A provison in the law that created the Columbia River Program allows OCR to enter into voluntary regional agreements with interested parties "for the purpose of providing new water for out-of-stream use, streamlining the application process, and protecting instream flow." In July 2008, OCR entered into a VRA with the Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association. The VRA provision is slated to expire in 2012.
  • Web Tools - Interactive tools providing information and data about water management in  Eastern Washington. The Water Resources Explorer is a map based tool used to retrieve information about water rights. The Columbia River Water Budget is a map based tool for information about water allocation, streamflows, etc. on the Columbia River Mainstem.The Columbia River Basin Long-Term Water Supply and Demand Forecast allows users to access detailed water supply and demand information and forecasts for specific watersheds throughout Eastern Washington