Office of Columbia River Projects

39 508-14 Rule Change Wanapum Weber Siphon White Salmon ASR Supply & Demand Report Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement 36 38
* Aquifer Storage and Recovery Exploration
1 Barker Ranch
2 Boise Aquifer Storage and Recovery
3 Campbell Creek storage
4 Chelan County/ Pehastin ID Piping
5 Chelan PUD Pump Storage Project
6 Chelan PUD Lower Rock Island Creek Storage
7 Chelan PUD Rocky Reach Pool Raise
8 Columbia Basin ID Piping
34 Columbia River Basin Supply and Demand Forecast
9 Conservation Commission Retiming Pilot
* Conservation Commission Conservation Projects
10 Crab Creek Storage
11 Foster CD: Moses Coulee Shallow Aquifer Recharge
12 Franklin/ Grant CD IWM
14 Goose Lake & Nine Mile Flat Storage
40 Icicle Creek Comprehensive Water Resource Strategy
15 Kennewick Aquifer Storage and Recovery
13 KID/Red Mt AVA Pump Exchange
16 Klickitat Horse Heaven Hills
17 Lake Roosevelt Incremental Storage Releases
18 Lands Council Beaver Study
19 Lincoln Co. Passive Rehydration Study
20 Manastash Piping
  Methow Instream Flow Enhancement Project
21 Mill Creek Storage Study
22 Odessa Subarea Special Study
36 Pasco Piping Project
23 Peshastin Pump Exchange Study
37 Port of Walla Walla Leases
24 Potholes Supplemental Feed Route
25 Rock Lake Storage Study
* Salmon Recovery Board & Tribal Fisheries
26 Similkameen Storage
27 Spokane-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer Study
28 Sullivan Lake Water Supply
38 Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District Improvements**
29 Trout Unlimited/Pioneer Instream Flow Enhancement
36 Twin Lakes Water Supply**
30 Walla Walla Pump Exchange
31 Wanapum Pool Raise
32 Weber Siphon
41 Wenatchee Basin Coordinated Cost Reimbursement**
33 White Salmon Aquifer Storage and Release
35 Yakima Basin Integrated Water Resource Management Plan
* Region-Wide
** Not funded from the Columbia River Account