Red Mountain AVA/Kiona Diversion Project

The Project

  • Move Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) diversion point on the Yakima River from Prosser to Kiona.
  • Use water savings from efficiency improvements and past land use changes to provide water for additional wine grape acerage and Yakima River stream flows.


  • The Yakima River between Prosser and Kiona is subject to extremely low flows in the summer months. The water supplied by this project will help to alleviate part of the problem.
  • The recently created Red Mountain American Viticulture Area is quickly becoming globally renowned for the characteristics of its grapes. Water supplied by this project will increase its production potential.

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased water supply will allow for an additional 1,785 acres of wine grape vineyards to be planted.
  • An additional 11,005 acre-feet of water will be added to Yakima River stream flows.

Project Groundbreaking

August 3, 2012


More Information


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Western Benton County

Kennewick Irrigation District

$10.595 Million

Economic Benefits*

  • $9.2 Million Annually
  • 103 jobs added

Environmental Benefits*

  • 11,005 acre-ft of water added to a low-flowing stretch of the Yakima River (between Prosser and Benton City)
  • 1,200 ac-ft of shrub steppe habitat protected

*When project is completed.

How we calculate economic benefits.