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Permitting Water from the Sullivan Lake Project

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4/30/14 - OCR Issues First Permit from Sullivan Lake Water --  A long-awaited water right was delivered to Bridgeport in a ceremony today including Department of Ecology Director Maia Bellon and city Mayor Marilynn Lynn, past Mayor Steve Jenkins, and Sen. Linda Parlette, R-Wenatchee.

“It’s so nice to be here to deliver on a promise that secures Bridgeport’s future for many years to come,” Director Bellon said. Bellon noted the region has struggled to access new water on a river that must balance the needs of hydropower, irrigation and protecting endangered salmon.

In 2011, then Mayor Jenkins negotiated a settlement that provides a reliable supply of drinking water for at least the next 20 years. The additional water will be made available based on water developed from Sullivan Lake through Ecology’s Columbia River Water Management Program. The new water right allows a total of 1,100 acre-feet of water per year to be drawn from the city’s existing wells. Releases from Sullivan Lake to the Columbia River will offset the new well withdrawals.

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Bucket showing available waterThe Office of Columbia River will issue water rights from 9,400 of the 14,000 ac-ft of water supply OCR developed at Sullivan Lake. The remainder will be used to enhance instream flows to benefit fish. The 9,400 acre-feet will be split in half with 4,700 ac-ft going to new municipal/industrial and domestic water rights and 4,700 ac-feet allocated for all other types of water rights (i.e. irrigation, stockwater, etc). More information about the Sullivan Lake Project.

Application Details

Under state law (RCW 90.90.110), water developed from the Sullivan Lake Project may only be allocated to applicants in six northeastern Washington counties: Douglas, Ferry, Lincoln, Okanogan, Pend Oreille, and Stevens. Only those applications that can be adequately mitigated by water from Lake Sullivan will be eligible for processing.

Application processing will be based on the application priority date, and, due to water availability, some applicants may not receive a permit at this time. All permits will be provisioned to require the water user to install a fish screen at all diversions, meter and report water use, and may include other provisions as necessary. Processing an application includes an investigation to determine whether water can be permitted under state law, agency rules, and the program.

Water Service Contract

Permittees will be required to enter into a water service contract and pay $60 per acre-foot per year for 25 years. The money will be used  to reimburse the state for what it paid for the water, thus providing funding for additional water supply projects.

List of Applications

Ecology staff compiled a list of applications that appear to meet the water allocation requirements. The applicant names are as listed in Ecology’s files, although the current applicant may not be the same. A digital image of the applications are available for download by clicking on the Application Number link below. Some of the applicants listed below are also in line for water from the Lake Roosevelt Incremental Releases Project and may be granted permits for that water rather than Sullivan Lake water.

The list is current as of November 22, 2011. Applications may be removed from the list if, upon further investigation, they are deemed ineligible to receive water..

Application Number Application Supporting Documents Priority Date Name
G4-28481 Doc 16/22/1984 Tatley, Donald
G4-29517 11/18/1987 Chelan Cnty PUD 1
G4-30704 4/25/1991 O'Connell, Daniel
G4-31030 10/22/1991 Hall, Bill
G4-30875 11/7/1991 Highland Partnership
S4-31133 Doc 1 1/9/1992 Douglas Cnty PUD 1
S4-31134 Doc 11/9/1992 Douglas Cnty PUD 1
S4-31110 1/13/1992 Roper, Don
S4-31117 1/23/1992 RLF Columbia Land Holdings LLC
G4-31186 3/5/1992 Auvil Fruit Co Inc
G4-31247 5/6/1992 Chelan Cnty PUD 1
S4-31319 6/1/1992 Creveling, David
S4-31365 6/24/1992 Schlunegar Brothers
G4-31374 Doc 17/2/1992 Troutman Ranches
G4-31375 7/2/1992 Troutman Ranches
G4-31412 Doc 17/6/1992 Davis, Aaron
G4-31393 7/17/1992 Logan, Allen
G4-31399 7/20/1992 Sunshine Agricultural Inc
G4-31417 7/22/1992 Hammons, Donna
S4-31424 8/17/1992 Sinclair, Kenneth
S4-31460 Doc 18/31/1992 REPO LLC
G3-29319 10/16/1992 Huston, John
G4-31516 10/23/1992 Columbia River Investors LLC
G4-31517 10/30/1992 Sinclair, Kenneth
G4-31518 10/30/1992 Sinclair, Kenneth
G4-31532 11/5/1992 Trimble, Jeffrey
G4-31524 11/9/1992 Orondo Orchards Inc
G4-31574 12/16/1992 Ross, Otto
G4-31650 2/23/1993 Allen, Thomas
G4-31725 4/7/1993 Brewster City
S4-31714 4/23/1993 Crane, Barclay
G4-31715 4/23/1993 Davis, Ronald
G4-31721 4/29/1993 Davis, Ronald
G4-31753 5/17/1993 Madden, Blaine
S4-31789 6/14/1993 Crane, Barclay
S4-31815 6/22/1993 R I F Development Corporation
G3-29522 7/26/1993 Lecture, Steven
G4-31813 7/30/1993 GBI Holding Co
G4-31859 10/13/1993 Miller, Mark C
S4-31867 11/19/1993 Apple Management Co
G4-31882 Doc 112/22/1993 Knowles, Patrick
G4-32097 2/2/1994 R I F Development Corporation
G4-32098 2/2/1994 R I F Development Corporation
G4-32099 2/2/1994 R I F Development Corporation
G4-32100 2/2/1994 R I F Development Corporation
S4-31936 2/15/1994 Nelson, Billy
G4-31937 2/15/1994 Nelson, Billy
G4-31939 2/17/1994 Carter Family Trust
G4-32014 Doc 15/4/1994 Graevell, Wayne
S4-32074 6/15/1994 Reeves Brothers Orchard
G3-29705 7/5/1994 Larson, Harold
G4-32174 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32175 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32176 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32177 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32178 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32179 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32180 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32181 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32182 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32184 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32183 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32165 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32166 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32167 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32168 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32169 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32170 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32171 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32172 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32173 8/1/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32191 9/6/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32188 9/6/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32201 9/23/1994 Griggs, Marcus
G4-32206 9/27/1994 Miller, Mark C
G4-32225 10/13/1994 GBI Holding Co
G4-32328 7/5/1995 WA DFW
G3-29972 11/30/1995 Marcus, Town
S4-32392 12/19/1995 Crane, Peter
S4-32393 12/19/1995 Crane, Peter
S4-32394 12/19/1995 Crane, Peter
S4-32398 1/2/1996 Crane, Peter
S4-32399 1/2/1996 Crane, Peter
S4-32400 1/2/1996 Crane, Peter
S4-32401 1/4/1996 Crane, Peter
S4-32405 1/18/1996 Kopak Jr, Russell
G4-32418(B) 4/4/1996 Okanogan Cnty Public Works Dept
G4-32448 5/2/1996 Larson, Dale
S4-32577 4/18/1997 WA DNR
G4-32578 4/18/1997 WA DNR
G4-32538 Doc 14/28/1997 Brock, V.M.
S4-32548 5/6/1997 Crane, Barclay
G4-32631 2/2/1998 Sun Cove Public Water System 851249
G4-32650 2/25/1998 Gebbers Farms Inc
G3-30165 Doc 14/21/1998 Martin Creek Community Association
S4-32682 5/20/1998 McLean, Alexander
S3-30175 5/20/1998 Williams, Donald
G4-32683 5/27/1998 Mason, Robert
G4-32726 6/24/1998 Walk, Frederick
S4-32744 6/29/1998 Newman, Mardon
G4-32751 7/1/1998 Miller, Charles
G3-30229 7/20/1998 Dugger, Mark
G4-32779 8/3/1998 Chesledon, W Bryan
G4-32809 9/29/1998 Tupling, Michael
G4-32816 10/27/1998 REPO LLC
G4-32837 2/4/1999 Jones, Cyril
S4-32838 2/9/1999 Priest Co Inc
G4-32839 2/9/1999 Priest Co Inc
G4-32841 2/11/1999 Priest Co Inc
G4-32842 2/11/1999 Priest Co Inc
G4-32857 3/29/1999 Chelan Cnty PUD 1
G4-32888 9/17/1999 Gebbers,  Mac
G4-32889 9/17/1999 Gebbers Farms Inc
S4-32900 1/7/2000 Gebbers Farms Inc
S4-34908 6/26/2003 Mathison, Kyle
S4-34909 6/27/2003 Mathison, Kyle
G4-30441  5/12/2005 Teck Cominco American Inc
S3-30504 1/6/2006 Anderson, Robert
S4-35100 8/7/2006 Fishburn, Dan
G4-35176 5/2/2008 Bridgeport City
S4-35195 7/3/2008 Pariseau,  Dan
G4-35196 7/3/2008 Sunshine Agricultural Inc
S4-35197 7/3/2008 Sunshine Agricultural Inc
S4-35198 7/3/2008 Sunshine Agricultural Inc
G4-35184 7/18/2008 Auvil Fruit Co Inc
S4-35188 7/18/2008 Auvil Fruit Co Inc
G4-35189 7/18/2008 Auvil Fruit Co Inc
G4-35190 7/18/2008 Auvil Fruit Co Inc
G3-30567 9/25/2008 Coffland, Richard
S3-30594 Doc. 16/3/2009 Seattle City Light
G3-30596 6/12/2009 Hunters Water Dist
G4-35323 5/21/2010 GBI Holding Co
G3-30632 12/20/2010 Avista Corp
S3-30635 Doc. 13/4/2011 PUD No. 1 of Pend Orielle Cnty
G4-33016  4/11/2011 Westwide Holdings LLC



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