Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District Improvements

The Project

Ecology is funding $6M in improvements to the SVID canal system to increase efficiency and modernize the delivery of water to irrigators in the Yakima Basin. Projects will include: the SVID Phase I canal operation improvements project, which will replace and modernize operational structures; SVID Phase II lateral canal piping project, which will enclose open canals and allow for greater on farm control of irrigation water; and the Benton Irrigation District (BID) pump station and piping project which are identified as important components of the Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project.


This project will allow progress to continue on reaching conservation goals outlined by the Yakima River Basin Water Enhancement Project. These projects, which are managed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, implement conservation improvements required by the Sunnyside Division Water Rights Settlement Agreement in the Yakima Basin Water Rights Adjudication (State of Washington, Department of Ecology vs. James J. Acquavella, et al).

Expected Outcomes

Piping of canals and modernizing delivery will result in water conservation. This will provide a direct and measurable benefit to the Yakima River Basin.

 Yakima and Benton Counties


$6 Million

Economic Benefits*

Environmental Benefits
Conserved water left in the Yakima River to benefit threatened fish stocks


*How we calculate economic benefits.