Dam Safety

Dam Safety


Emergency Response

What to Do Before a Dam is in Distress

  • Make a list of those who need to know.
  • Take preventative action.
  • Write an Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • Know your resources

What to Do in a Disaster

Guidelines for Developing Dam Emergency Action Plans (EAP)

The Dam Safety Office has developed an Emergency Action Plan template and guidelines to help dam owners or their representatives create a plan that will be used in case of an unusual event or emergency. 

  • Guidelines for Developing an Emergency Action Plan Document - February 2011  This document is required for any dam with a significant or high downstream hazard, that is, a dam whose failure could potentially cause a loss of life.  The document provides detailed instructions on what is required in a Dam Emergency Action Plan.
    • Simplified Emergency Action Plan Form - March 2011  This form should suffice for most dam owners in planning a response to a dam-related emergency.
    • Emergency Action Plan Form - -December 2010  This form is provided should the Simplified version prove inadequate to detail the response to a dam-related emergency in the opinion of the plan preparer.

Please contact the Dam Safety office should you wish advice on selecting the Simplified or longer form.

Follow Emergency Procedures

The Dam Safety Office has identified procedures to be implemented by Water Resources Program, Dam Safety Office professional engineers in the event of an emergency condition at a dam where lives, property or the environment could be at risk in the downstream valley.

Involve Emergency Response Partners

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