Dam Safety

Dam Safety



The Dam Safety Office is charged with managing any dam that can store 10-acre-feet (3.26 million gallons) or more.  Storage volume does not include the volume contained by the surrounding natural ground surface, but does assume storage to the top of the structure, ignoring overflow outlets as they could become blocked.

By law, the Department of Ecology must collect the following fees:

  • Construction permit fees: for examining plans and specifications for dams before they are built or modified.
  • Periodic inspection fees: for inspecting existing dams with a high or significant downstream hazard setting.
  • Other fees:
    • To enforce dam safety requirements, Ecology may also impose sanctions through regulatory orders or civil penalties.
    • When an emergency condition poses an imminent threat to life, Ecology may take necessary actions. All costs incurred by Ecology are charged to the dam's owner.
    • The cost of an expert opinion is negotiable.

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