Dam Safety

Dam Safety


Guidance Documents

The Dam Safety Guidelines provide dam owners, operators, and design engineers with information on activities, procedures, and requirements involved in the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of dams in the State of Washington.

Part I - General Information and Ownership Responsibilities - This document contains general information about statutory authority, dam safety activities, and dam owner responsibilities for completed projects.

Part II - Project Planning and Approval - This document provides information on the specific activities and actions that are involved in project planning and in the plan review and construction permit process. An overview of the planning process is provided along with a list of permits and approvals that are normally involved. Submittal requirements and obligations of dam owners during project construction, operation, maintenance and inspection are identified.

Part III - An Owner's Guidance Manual - This document is a reference manual for dam owners to use in developing plans for operation, monitoring, annual inspection and long term maintenance of their facilities. Emphasis is given to the importance of including procedures for inspection, monitoring and maintenance as part of the normal operation of a project.

Part IV - Dam Design and Construction - This document seeks to outline a rational engineering approach to address the majority of cases. Individual projects may pose unique problems that require specialized measures. Where engineers face such cases, it will be their responsibility to demonstrate that their approach satisfactorily addresses the pertinent engineering issues..

Burned watershed hydrology calculations

Embankment Dam

Yakima County. Photo taken January 9, 2007

Low Level Outlet

Yakima County. Photo taken August 2, 2007

Dam Construction

Yakima County. Photo taken February 1, 2002

Fish Ladder

Yakima County. Photo taken August 12, 2003