State puts funds to work relieving drought hardships - 2015 Applications

Last revised: December 2 2015

The following is an archive of all applications received and acted upon in 2015.  This page will not be updated.

The Washington State Legislature has approved $16 million in funding for drought relief work in 2015-17 biennium.  The funding will help ensure reliable public water supplies, augment water supplies for farmers, and provide water to support stream flows for fish.  A portion of the money will allow Ecology to provide grants to state and federal agencies, cities, counties, other political subdivisions and some Indian tribes for projects such as developing alternative water resources, purchasing or leasing water or water rights, and building water transmission pipelines.

The focus of the grant program is to provide relief from hardships from the existing drought, so applicants must be able to complete their project by December 31, 2015. 

The following is a list of all of the applications received and their status through the end of 2015.

2015 Drought Relief Grant Application Status

Applicant Project Grant Request Project Cost Status
Carbonado, City of Upgrade withdrawal and transmission from Camp Creek Springs $263,750 $52,750 Ineligible
Cheney, City of Replace an existing well $500,000 $783,000 Ineligible
Cheney, City of Rehabilitate 2 existing wells $70,000 $70,000 Ineligible
Colville, City of Demolish and replace existing failed reservoir $500,000 $2,292,022 Ineligible
Clallam County PUD 1 Booster pump system to move water from lower to higher reservoir $258,190 $258,190 Approved
Grandview, City of * Rehabilitate two wells $281,400 $281,400 Ineligible
Icicle Irrigation District Temporary access to stored water in Eight Mile Lake $41,000 $82,000 Withdrawn
Icicle Irrigation District Hand dig channels to access stored water in 8 mile and Colchuck lakes $12,500 $25,000 Approved
Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe Buy/use diversion dams along the Dungeness River to aid fish passage $74,430 $148,980 Approved
John White LID Rehabilitate an existing supplemental irrigation well $109,278 $218,556 Ineligible
Jones LID 1&2 Construct 2 emergency wells for agricultural irrigation $286,201 $572,402 Approved
Kennewick Irrigation District Water right purchase $49,712 $99,423 Ineligible
Kennewick Irrigation District Residential irrigation conservation program $28,872 $57,744 Approved
Kennewick Irrigation District Artificially stored project water recovery $186,174 $372,348 Ineligible
Kennewick Irrigation District Pump rental to capture return flow $45,304 $90,608 Approved
Lewis County* Construct 6 portable water stations at public works shops $122,900 $122,900 Denied
Lewis County Conservation District Replace a private well serving a home and livestock $5,820 $11,640 Ineligible
Lincoln County Conservation District Xeriscape a community garden $5,700 $11,400 Ineligible
Lower Stemilt Irrigation District Transfer diversion from Stemilt Creek to the Columbia River $297,348 $594,696 Approved
Mabton, City of * Install 3,700 feet of water main to transfer horticultural irrigation to Well 3 and off drinking water system $320,000 $320,000 Ineligible
Malaga, City of Replace water mains to supply Upper Stemilt Irrigation District emergency irrigation water $500,000 $600,000 Withdrawn
Marysville, City of Outfit well, upgrade a second well, disinfection and blending systems $500,000 $1,376,592 Ineligible
Moxee, City of Upgrade two city wells $133,000 $266,000 Approved
Mukilteo Water & Wastewater District Seek out and repair leaks in the water distribution system $11,000 $27,000 Ineligible
Nielsen, Susan Provide water for home and livestock     Ineligible
Okanogan Irrigation District Overhaul Duck Lake's failed pumping plant $188,500 $377,100 Ineligible
Othello, City of Install temporary pump on Well 9 and connect to distribution system $44,000 $44,000 Ineligible
Pend Oreille PUD* Install arsenic removal system to allow use of 2 wells $253,500 $253,500 Ineligible
Pend Oreille PUD* Green Ridge Water System, rehabilitate 2 wells $25,000 $25,000 Ineligible
Peterson, Brett & Emily* Replace private well $15,000 $15,000 Ineligible
Pierce Conservation District  Provide training on drought mitigation and preparedness at the 2016 Washington Association of District Employees annual conference $18,170 $36,040 Ineligible
Port Orchard, City of Complete Well #11, connect to reservoirs, decommission 2 wells $409,189 $818,378 Ineligible
Royal Water District* Construct an additional well as a backup water supply $500,000 $514,000 Ineligible
Sequim, City of Flow augmentation to Bell Creek at 2 locations $21,783 $43,565 Approved
Silverdale Water/Kitsap PUD Outfit Kitsap's Newberry Well #2 and install water main $438,785 $877,570 Ineligible
Silverdale Water/Kitsap PUD Outfit a deep source well and connect to City and Regional water systems $438,785 $877,570 Ineligible
Skagit County PUD Construct 2 fill stations $75,000 $150,000 Approved
Skokomish Indian Tribe Drill and outfit new well as backup supply for the Enetai Salmon Hatchery $50,000 $100,000 Ineligible
Startup Water District* Rehabilitate Well #2 $19,451 $19,451 Approved
Stemilt Irrigation District Replace 3,000 feet of pipe to increase capacity $80,000 $160,000 Approved
Stevens PUD Riverside Well Replacement $47,000 $94,000 Approved
Wahkiakum County Puget Island Emergency Well $475,000 $475,000 Ineligible
White Salmon, City of* Restore Jewett Spring diversion and connect to system $500,000 $574,000 Withdrawn
Whitworth Water District #2 Move existing water station to new location with easier/safer access $56,500 $113,000 Approved

* Eligible for the match fund exemption—a public drinking water project serving a population of 25,000 or less where the median household income (MHI) is 80% or less of the state MHI.


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