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2015 Drought Emergency Grant Program

Last revised: December 2, 2015

The following is an archive of the 2015 Drought Emergency Grant Program.  This page will not be updated.

The 2015 Drought Relief Grant Program is now closed.  Ecology is no longer accepting applications for drought grants.

State puts funds to work relieving drought hardships


The Washington State Legislature allocated $16M for the 2015-17 biennium to reduce or eliminate hardships from the Drought Emergency.  A portion of this funding was used to fund grants to eligible public entities for projects that would address hardships from the 2015 Statewide Drought Emergency to:

To be eligible for funding, at minimum:

Note: Eligibility did not ensure approval of funding.

How were funding decisions made?

This was a competitive grant process.  Highest priority was given where the greatest need was demonstrated.  Projects given funding preference included where the benefits were most cost effective; when the applicant had already planned for drought and was implementing conservation or other drought mitigation measures; and when a project had multi-faceted or long-term benefits.

For additional information, you should read the terms laid out in the Emergency Drought Funding rule.

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