Water Resources Program Activities for the 2015-17 Biennium

This page is being maintained as an archive of past information and will not be updated.

Fiscal Year 2016

The WRP and OCR implement many activities, always with an eye towards the operating and capital budgets provided by the legislature.  A snapshot of activities for Fiscal Year 2016 includes:

More information is available for some current and ongoing WRP activities:

Issue Water Right Decisions

The Legislature has requested that Ecology maintain an ongoing accounting of water right applications received and acted on and to post that information to Ecology’s Internet site.  Ecology is required to process 500 decisions this year.  From section 302 of the 2015-17 Operating Budget, -"  $500,000 of the general fund—state appropriation for fiscal year 2017 is provided solely for processing water right permit applications only if the department of ecology issues at least five hundred water right decisions in fiscal year 2016."