Issue Water Right Decisions

This page is being maintained as an archive of past information and will not be updated.

To ensure that Ecology meets and/or exceeds the goal established by the State Legislature for water right decisions, Ecology has prioritized water rights processing.  As a result, Ecology staff have needed to reprioritize and temporarily defer some work in other water rights categories including permit management, plan review, seasonal changes, enforcement, and technical assistance.  Ecology is engaged in a process to continue to improve efficiencies in water rights processing and permit management.

Fiscal Year 2015

Process Pending Water Right Applications

The Legislature has requested that Ecology maintain an ongoing accounting of water right applications received and acted on and to post that information to Ecology’s Internet site.  The following two tables are provided to track the number of applications that have been received and the decisions made by quarter in fiscal year 2015.  The first quarter entry will be provided mid-October.  The water right decision totals below do not include withdrawn applications.

Water Right Applications Received


Water Right Decisions Made

Month Year Change Applications New Applications Total Month Year Change Applications New Applications Total
2014 2014
July, August, September 36 55 91 July, August, September 79 99 178
October, November, December 50 38 88 October, November, December 49 52 101
2015 2015
January, February March 82 29 111 January, February March 45 62 107
April, May, June 126 81 207 April, May, June 74 54 128


294 203 497


247 267 514